Nobody wants to sell their house for less than it’s worth. A common issue people who are considering selling their home have is that they think that they have to invest a ton of money before putting it on the market.

I can’t argue that a newly renovated home is likely to attract more buyers than a home that’s a little bit older or dated. What I can say is that there are a lot of things that you can do in your home to ensure that your maximizing the value in its present state. Whether it’s renovated or not, one of the things homeowners often oversee is the little things that matter to buyers. Most people who are buying homes are very visual, so the little things matter to them the most. If you focus on these items, you will get a great return on your investment.


Light fixtures: One of the first things you can do when selling a home or townhouse is to replace the original light fixtures, small items that create a big impact when selling your home for trendy fixtures. You wouldn’t believe how much this will help to attract buyers. You could get some great light fixtures at Mr Price Home, Lightning Warehouse , or any lighting store for under R500 that create loads of impact to a home.

Painting: A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a home and bring new life into it. I highly recommend painting your home prior to selling it. If the colors are a little dated or out of style, choose what’s in trend right now. I would also recommend painting the baseboards in a semi-gloss paint and taking the time to paint the ceilings as well. It creates a bright area and buyers will definitely appreciate the look.

Fill holes in your wall: If you’ve taken down pictures from your wall, it’s likely that it left behind nail holes. It’s such an easy fix and when a buyer is walking through a home, they’re going to wonder why they are there. All you need to do is get some fast dry plaster and simply fill over the holes and touch it up with paint.

Thorough cleaning: An in-depth clean is very helpful when trying to add value to your home. Hire a cleaner for a full day to clean inside the cupboards, all of your baseboard trim, your door frames, door handles, light covers, appliances and anything in the house that can sparkle! Even if your home is dated, a buyer won’t be questioning the structural integrity or how well you have looked after it.

Minor staging: You don’t necessarily need to do a full home stage. You can do some minor small items that create a big impact when selling your home, which will add value to your home. Simple things like changing out your shower curtain, new linens for your bed, lamps in your bedroom and even putting up curtain rods and curtains can create a huge impact.

In the end of the day, every home will sell at the right price. What we want to ensure is that you are getting the highest price for the sale of your home and if you follow our steps, you’ll surely be able to create the most bang for your buck.

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