Tick all the right boxes before selling your home


10 things you need to do before selling your home

Selling up is no small feat, but there are ways to make the process smoother and easier.

1. Choose the right agent

Appoint a reputable estate agent to assist with the selling of your home. Undertake proper research and determine which agents are most active in the area or complex that your property is located in. It is always better to appoint an estate agent who has been around for some time and has proven success in the property industry.

2. Award a sole mandate to one agent

For the best price to be achieved on your property it is crucial that buyers compete for your property and not estate agents. A sole agent will often obtain a higher price because there is sufficient time to negotiate without being concerned about a competing agent’s offer. When you grant a sole mandate, more energy, advertising expenditure and time is also invested into the marketing of your property.

3. Get a CMA

Ask the agent to perform a proper Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). In today’s market it is crucial to look at other competing properties and to ensure that your property is priced in accordance.

4. Set the correct price

It is critical to price your home correctly. If you overprice your home it either won’t sell, or it will take much longer to sell than it should. Buyers are streetwise and know immediately when a property is overpriced.

5. Disclose defects

Make sure that you disclose all the latent and patent defects in your home to the agent and potential buyers.

6. Get advice before renovating

Confer with the agent before you renovate or upsize. Renovations could be time-consuming and more expensive than you think, and sometimes it is simply better to negotiate the selling price with the buyer and then leave it up to them to undertake any renovating or upsizing.

7. Allow for show days

You may not like the idea of people in your space or feel that serious buyers would probably make an appointment with the agent if they want to view your property, but the truth of the matter is that you never know where the buyer of your home will come from, so it is important to allow as many people as possible to view your home in real life, and not by means of virtual tours.

Obviously a professional estate agent will undertake all the measures that are needed to ensure that you and your property are safe on show days.

8. Get your home show ready

Make your home neat and cosy on show days by decluttering, mowing the lawn, brewing a fresh pot of coffee and arranging a pretty bunch of flowers in a central point of your home.

Also remember to remove fixtures you don’t want included in the sale before show days commence so that this won’t cause misunderstandings with the buyer later.

9. Update your compliance certificates

Make sure that your compliance certificates are up to date – buyers require this to know that everything is in order with your home. It is also important to be in possession of the approved plans of your property.

10. Consider all offers

Take all offers seriously. By the time buyers make an offer they have probably done a lot of homework and every offer made is worth considering.

If you are considering selling, we recommend assigning Morne Prinsloo from RE/MAX Masters to find out more about your area and obtain the best professional advice.

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